Hi! I’m Alana.

My goal is to make the future awesome. I currently do AI safety research. I’m on a leave of absence from Stanford University, where I studied Computer Science.

In the past, I have:

These days, I think about:

  • How to test, monitor, secure, and contain powerful future AI systems
  • How to build infrastructure and tooling that speed up researchers
  • The inner lives of transformers

You might want to…

  • Check out alana-utils, my opinionated Python library for LLM-heavy workflows.
  • Check out eval-awareness, my ongoing research into LLMs’ ability to discriminate between evaluation and deployment environments.
  • Keep up with my every move on GitHub.
  • Say hi! (My email address is hi @ my-second-level-domain (dot) my-top-level-domain). I’d love to hear about what you’ve been working on and/or thinking about.